Postcard Post #4 - It All Started with a New Year Resolution

Postcard Post #4 - It All Started with a New Year Resolution

People wonder if I have I always collected and sent postcards.  The answer is no, but it sure is a bit part of my life now! A new year brings opportunities for enrichment.  Each January, I like to “take on” a project or a goal and back in 2016 it was postcards!  I decided to become a regular postcard writer; it was a fun project that resulted in so many surprises along the way.

I bought postcards locally and online but soon shifted to making my own postcards.  What followed (2019) is a sweet little business called THE POSTCARD PROJECT.  I have learned so much about running a small business and my heart is filled with gratitude for all the folks that have joined me on this postcard journey.

THANK YOU to all the folks that have purchased postcards!  Your investment in postcards also supports The Auburn Education Foundation and the Finger Lakes Land Trust.

THANK YOU to some incredible photographers:  Todd Tanner, Chris Brandstetter, Matt Champlin, Nikki Keator, Carey Ringwood, Kevin Rivoli, Chris Lynch, Matt Major, Michelle Karamanski Paciorek, Tom Beardsley, Patty Sheridan, Juliette Zygarowicz, Kevin Hoercher and Jimmy Giannettino

THANK YOU to the Finger Lakes Press, Skaneateles Historical Society, Haba Toy Outlet, Skaneateles Rotary, Midlakes Navigation, Skaneateles Aerial Drone, Skaneateles Honor Society, Strawberry Field and Florist, NYS Equal Rights Heritage Center & Auburn NY Visitor Center, Suzy Q and Rudolph’s Sugar Shack.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Luciana Torous (Owner & Founder of 3 Leaf Tea) for her website development and strategic marketing plan skills and support.

What’s my goal for 2023 – I want to master making a good pie!


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